Board Development

With deep experience in board development and governance, Objective Focus brings a mirror of best practices to this critical area. We help boards, administrators and other stakeholders look closely and introspectively at their organizations in order to maximize the partnerships with which they work towards shared goals and objectives.

A dedicated and engaged Board of Trustees is central to institutional success. Building a strong board and maintaining the interest and active engagement of its members is a priority for senior administrators and is critical to successful management. Identifying effective trustees and nurturing their enthusiasm for mission and quality requires a strong relationship between a board’s leadership and an institution’s senior staff.

Whether addressing trustees with a fiduciary responsibility or members of specialized advisory groups, it is essential that staff strongly communicate their appreciation for the talent and knowledge their volunteers bring to the table. Matching each member’s interests to an institution’s needs and making meaningful use of their talents creates strong morale and positive energy. It fosters a forward-looking outlook and creates an expectation for the successful achievement of strategic long-range plans. It also makes clear that a board member’s responsibilities are not limited to financial support.

While the importance of a board’s financial commitment must not be minimized, the willingness with which financial support is given is substantially strengthened by a culture that places equal value on the professional expertise of its members. Showing respect and appreciation for the judgment and wise counsel of trustees and volunteers reinforces their sense of worth to the institution and acknowledges the breadth of their contribution to the academic community.

Optimally, all participants (board members and staff) will be energized by their shared experience, will recognize the positive outcomes of their collective efforts, and will celebrate their mutual contributions to their institution’s continuing success.

Objective Focus works with trustees and advisory committee members to assess their commitment and explore their expectations as volunteers. We also review their outreach to the social, political and philanthropic segments of their communities, and evaluate their willingness to engage others in support of the institution’s mission. Based on this information we counsel senior administrators and development personnel on ways in which the energies and good will of volunteers can serve the goals of the institution, while creating a culture that meets their expectations of having a meaningful role and fulfilling experience.