Community Outreach & Engagement

Objective Focus’ principals have a long and successful history of community engagement. From the judicious placement of talented student interns, to partnerships with local industry, the active support of public health initiatives and leadership in citywide planning efforts, we have a demonstrated record of national recognition, award-winning good citizenship and civic responsibility.

The term “ivory tower,” often suggests a belief that institutions of higher education are removed from the practical problems of everyday life. This is both untrue and naïve. In today’s world it is essential for schools to engage community needs proactively and as a natural extension of their mission. Only by so doing can they reasonably expect reciprocal support and good will.

Effective community outreach also makes it possible for theory and practice to live in the same space, bringing real-world information to an institution’s curriculum while increasing public awareness of its contribution to the life of its locality. A leadership role in the economic, social and cultural life of a region’s citizenry demonstrates a principled, ethical commitment to their values, dreams and aspirations.

Active engagement in the social and economic vitality of a school’s community also increases its ability to identify dedicated board members, while broadening its outreach to political leaders and the business community; and of course, to potential students and their families as well.

For these important reasons and many more, significant community outreach should be strongly supported and viewed as an essential component of an institution’s mission.

Objective Focus evaluates and helps to strengthen community relationships; facilitating an institution’s ability to expand its spheres of influence, recruit effective volunteers, high quality students and philanthropic support.